Parents holding up and kissing a baby on the cheek.

If you are working toward a human development degree or gerontology certificate, you are required to participate in a graded, supervised internship to gain experience in a professional setting.

You must document 45 hours of internship activity to earn one credit. A minimum of three credits is required for the major. You may take additional internship credits, which will count toward satisfying the 120 semester hours required of all students for graduation.

We partner with many local organizations to offer a wide range of internship opportunities. You must initiate your own internship. A background check is required. Choose a site that makes the best use of your time and skill development for your chosen career.

Here are a few of our internship partners. Other locations are also possible. You can see additional internship sites through Google Maps.

More information

For more information on the WSU Vancouver internship program, see our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact our internship coordinator, Adriana Thomas, by email or at 360-546-9710.