Human Development internship frequently asked questions

An internship is a self-initiated, supervised work experience with appropriate private organizations, businesses or government agencies that promotes interaction with practicing professionals. It is designed to give you work experience in your field of interest, help you build your professional network, and enable you to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a professional setting.

Some internships are paid, but the majority are not. If you are interested in working for a for-profit organization the internship needs to be paid. An internship is a required part of your coursework. As such, it is supervised, receives a grade and enables you to earn credit toward your degree.

Adriana Thomas is the academic and internship coordinator for the Department of Human Development. Contact her at or 360-546-9710.

Meet with your advisor to determine whether an internship is appropriate at this point in your academic development and fits in your degree plan. Your advisor will give you permission to enroll in HD 497 Professional Preparation Seminar (3 credits) one semester before you plan on taking HD 498 Field Placement. For example, if you wish to complete HD 498 in the spring semester, you should take HD 497 in the fall. If you wish to take HD 498 during the summer or fall semesters, you should take HD 497 in the spring.

HD 498. You will be administratively enrolled once your internship site placement form and required documents are submitted.

You may already have an idea, or you can review the list of cooperating and identify sites that seem appropriate for you. Call the sites you are interested in and ask about their program, possible roles and opportunities for interns. You can find a list of many of our internship partners online.

You will work with Internship Coordinator Adriana Thomas to complete a site placement form and a learning plan. Once you are enrolled in the course, you can access these forms on Canvas. Interns must meet with their site supervisor to complete the site and learning agreement. These forms require the signature of the intern, site supervisor and internship coordinator.

Yes, you will receive a letter grade.