Human Development

Bachelor of Arts

When you pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development, you’ll study the complexity of human development, including physical, social, cognitive and affective development in a variety of contexts. The degree prepares you to work with families, children, adolescents, adults or older adults across a wide array of career possibilities in public, private and government settings.

See the catalog for course descriptions and full unit information including degree requirements.

Course requirements

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development requires a cumulative GPA of 2.6 or better in all HD courses, including substitutions. Of the 42 HD hours required for the major (general option), a minimum of 21 must be taken in residence at WSU.

Introductory Courses (11 credits required)
Course number Course title Credits
HD 101 [SSCI] Human Development Across the Lifespan- Required 3
HD 200 Intro to the Field of Human Development - Required 2
HD 204 [SSCI] Family Interactions - Required 3
HD 205 Developing Effective Communication and Life Skills 4
HD 220 Human Development Theories - Required 3
Developmental Courses (6 credits required)
HD 306 Child Development 3
HD 307 Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development 3
HD 308 Adult Development 3
Family Courses (6 credits required)
HD 300 Child Maltreatment 3
HD 301 Family Stress and Coping 3
HD 302 Parent-Child Relationships 3
HD 350 [DIVR] Family Diversity - Required 3
HD 360 Death and Dying 3
Social & Human Services Skill-Based Courses (10 credits required)
HD 310 [M] Research Methods - Required 3
HD 320 Resource Management 3
HD 334 [SSCI] Principles of Community Development 3
HD 341 Guidance in Early Childhood Programs 3
HD 342 Curriculum for Early Childhood Programs 4
HD 385 Perspectives in Human Services - Required 3
HD 430 Professional and Grant Writing Skills 3
HD 482 Child Assessment and Evaluation 3
HD 496 Field Placement Preparation - Required 1
Integrative Courses (6 credits required)
HD 403 [CAPS] Families in Poverty - Recommended 3
HD 405 Gerontology 3
HD 406 Work and Family 3
HD 410 [M] Public Policy Issues in Human Development - Required 3
HD 479 Planning and Evaluation in Human Development 3
HD 487 Special Topics in Human Development V 1-3
Culminating Experience
HD 446 Practicum in Early Childhood Programs Required for students completing Early Childhood certificate 6
HD 498 Field Placement3 Credits Required for all HD Majors except students completing Early Childhood certificate V 1-8
Other Elective Course Options
HD 485 Participation in Human Development Research V 1-3
HD 495 Instructional Practicum V 1-4
HD 499 Special Problems V 1-4

Human development minor

Students majoring in other programs may declare a minor in human development. The minor requires 18 total credits in human development. This includes three mandatory courses, HD 101, HD 204 and HD 220, and 9 credits of upper-division electives approved by the department. An overall human development GPA of 2.6 is required for the minor.