Costs and application

NOTICE: The CDP is CLOSED indefinitely. We are not taking any waitlist applications at this time. Any updates will be posted here.

Tuition and fees are available for the coming school year beginning June 1 of each year. These rates are subject to change without notice.

Tuition for the preschool program varies by schedule option. The rate for full-day, five-day preschool is $1,015 per month. The cost is prorated based on the number of days per month a child attends.

Program fees required

  • A one-time enrollment fee of $75
  • A nonrefundable field-trip fee of $100
  • An annual deposit of $50 (credited to December’s tuition)

Financial assistance

Limited financial assistance is available for WSU Vancouver students who have children enrolled in the preschool program and demonstrate a significant level of need.