Human Development Programs

The Department of Human Development at WSU Vancouver offers one undergraduate degree program, several options for minors, and a certificate in aging. Each program is listed here with a brief description and link to a summary of requirements and courses. For a full description, list of requirements, and course descriptions, refer to the current WSU Vancouver online catalog.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Development

The Bachelor of Arts in Human Development degree program focuses on understanding the complexity of physical, social, cognitive, and affective individual development with emphasis on development within the family context.

Minor in Gerontology

The program in aging offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, designed to provide a body of knowledge that individuals may use to better understand the processes and implications of aging.

Certificate in Gerontology

Granted to students who complete the formal minor in aging with a GPA of at least 2.5 and a three-credit internship experience in aging.

Minor in Human Development

Students majoring in other programs can choose to declare a minor in human development with completion of specific course work within the program.

Ph.D in Prevention Science

The Prevention Science Graduate Program at Washington State University provides training opportunities at the doctoral level for students interested in developing expertise in the study of individuals and families and in the development and evaluation of prevention programs.